About Us

Ngurra Jirrama is Warlpiri for “Two Worlds”

About The Foundation

Young Indigenous Australians from remote outback communities are disadvantaged with regard to educational opportunities.

Community members realise these problems and the issues that then arise within Community life as a result of this lack of education – such as limited Aboriginal teachers, Aboriginal health care workers, Aboriginal employment opportunities and even simple life skills in today‟s society for Aboriginal people.

The aim of this Foundation is to give children from remote Aboriginal communities of Northern Territory, the ability to function in two worlds, their Aboriginal world and the modern world.


By gaining a high-quality city education, these students will have the opportunity to grow and develop academically, emotionally and socially, giving them options for their future and hope for their community.

Our work has begun in cooperation with the Ti Tree Community in Northern Territory. The Ti Tree Community recognises the benefit of a successful education in today‟s Australia, and supports the Foundation and the students in their endeavours to obtain a successful education.



Our Structure

Ngurra Jirrama Foundation is a Trust which has been registered with the Australian Tax Office as a Charitable Fund with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Our ABN is: 19 824 557 371

Our Trustees

  • Erin Hunter
  • Thomas Butt