Our vision is to see young Indigenous Australians from remote areas living a rewarding life full of options as a result of a successful education.

Our work has begun in cooperation with the Ti Tree Community in Northern Territory. The Ti Tree Community recognises the benefit of a successful education in today's Australia, and supports the Foundation and the students in their endeavours to obtain a successful education. Our story...

Teaming up with schools

The schools in partnership with the Ngurra Jirrama Foundation are active in maintaining a two-way relationship between the schools and the students' communities and families. Partnership schools...

Working with communities

To facilitate the education of the children while in Sydney including organising board and accommodation, extra-curricular activities, travel, general everyday support and care. Our aims...


Support Ngurra Jirrama

Ngurra Jirrama Foundation can only be successful with the assistance of partners willing to provide funding and assistance to help the children throughout their education experience.
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Thanks to...

  • Ti Tree community and parents
  • Meriden - an Anglican School for Girls
  • The Scots School - Bathurst
  • Trinity Grammar School
  • Centrecorp
  • Federal Government through Abstudy grants
  • Erin & Hugh Hunter
  • Zania Liddle
  • Regan Liddle
  • Suzie and Craig Laundy